Featured Methods
Delta Geophysics would be delighted to learn your goals and objectives, evaluate which geophysical method might help you meet these objectives, and offer a cost effective plan to integrate geophysical methods with your planned investigations. We have helped hundreds of clients with site design, and value the opportunity to apply our extensive experience on your behalf.
Ground penetrating radar (GPR) is a high frequency electromagnetic method that uses radio pulses to image the subsurface. More ››
Electrical resistivity methods involve the measurement of the apparent resistivity of soils and rock as a function of depth and position. More ››
Electromagnetic induction (EM) methods are used in many different types of geological and environmental applications... More ››
Seismic methods are one the most commonly conducted geophysical surveys for engineering investigations. These methods are based upon the transmission of seismic waves into the subsurface and recording the resulting waveforms. More ››
The magnetic method involves the measurement and mapping of variations in the earth’s natural magnetic field. Variations in the magnetic field intensity can be due to natural ferrous minerals or the presence of ferrous metals. More ››
Using very low frequency (VLF) communication signals generated from several military transmitters around the world. These transmitters are used to provide communication with submarines deep under water. More ››