Geophysical Survey Method
Site Characterization
There has been a gradual realization in the earth science and engineer community that geophysical methods, when applied properly, provide a useful reconnaissance tool for characterizing sub-surface conditions and materials. There are a large number of instruments to choose from and these can all be used in various ways, so the success of the survey depends largely upon the experience and expertise of those designing and specifying the survey.

Delta has the knowledge, both through experience and forward modeling, to evaluate client needs and offer consultation regarding the application of geophysics in the Site Characterization process. Understanding project goals, site conditions, and instrument response increases the probability that a geophysical survey will satisfy client objectives, and Delta prides itself in client communications to provide ethical and friendly counsel for all size projects.

With many years of collective experience working internationally and domestically, a mission to expand the use of geophysics in subsurface investigation, and a passion to do the right thing, Delta would be delighted to apply our insight and expertise to advance your project.