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“The safety of our employees and our clients is the first step towards success.”

All sites have safety concerns, whether it is an open field or a congested traffic area. Management and employee commitment is meant to keep our safety program an ever-evolving process.

At Delta Geophysics environmental, occupational health and safety best practices, and compliance with OSHA guidelines is our first project consideration – the safety of our employees as well as our associates is a top priority and is accounted for at the beginning and throughout the project.  Delta takes pride in adapting our safety standards to a variety of circumstances; whether it’s a construction site, environmental investigation site, or a geological mapping site – we look for unique safety protocols at each individual project.

Safety Evaluation – Safety Inspections – Safety Protocol and Procedures

Delta’s safety program sets forth procedures to analyze each jobsite by identifying existing hazards and evaluating ongoing operations in the area of concern.  This Job Safety Analysis (JSA) allows our personnel to correct existing conditions or control possible exposures on the jobsite through the formulation of a written safety plan.  This plan is communicated during safety tail gate meetings conducted before work starts for the day.  Delta also conducts regular jobsite safety inspections to promote the effectiveness of our Self-Performance Safety Analysis (SPSA) protocol and associated Loss Prevention Observations (LPO).

Delta’s personnel maintain current OSHA HAZWOPPER 29 CFR 1910:120, Loss Prevention Systems (LPS), e-RAILSAFE, and driver training credentials; they participate in medical surveillance, drug testing, and respirator fitness programs. Additionally Delta’s Safety Officer stays current with the latest regulations and safe thinking by regularly attending client safety meetings and industry seminars.  We work together with our associates to help refine and update safety protocols and encourage any feedback or suggestions you may have about creating a safe working environment for us all.

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