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At Delta Geophysics safety of our employees as well as our associates is very important to us. We would like to take this opportunity to ask for your help in keeping our employees as well as yourself safe during geophysical surveys, and ask that you take the time to read this brief paragraph about site safety evaluations before a geophysical survey is to begin.


Before a geophysical survey it is important to conduct a site safety evaluation. All sites have safety concerns, whether it be an open field or a congested traffic area. A safety evaluation of a site can help minimize the potential of accidents to people and property. Below is a list of questions that should be asked before a geophysical investigation proceeds:

  • Is all the equipment working properly? EX. (If your precision utility locator is not calibrated properly the chance of miss marking a subsurface utility is greatly increased)
  • Are the proper tools being used? Ex. (Opening a manhole with a screwdriver instead of a manhole cover hook)
    Are we using the correct geophysical instruments for the survey? Ex. (Analyze site for proper equipment selection)
  • Does the person conducting the survey have proper training? Ex. (Enough time in the fi eld, OSHA Training)
  • Is there heavy traffic congestion? Ex. (Gas Station, Roadway)
  • Does the site have uneven ground or slippery surfaces? Ex. (Pot-marked pavement, Debris piles, Icy or wet surface)
  • Are there any concerns overhead? Ex. (Construction equipment, Elevated roadways, Drilling equipment)
  • Do you have a spotter on-site? Ex. (While conducting a geophysical survey the on-site technician frequently monitors the equipment)
  • Is the proper PPE being used? Ex. (Hardhat, Safety Glasses, Work gloves, Refl ective Vest, Tyvek suit.)
  • Are we working in an elevated area? Ex. (Hillside, Elevated roadway, Fall hazards)
  • Are our vehicles and equipment out of the way? Ex. (Parked in designated areas, Not in Roadway)
  • Do we have a designated evacuation area? Ex. (Gas Leak, Oil Spill)
  • Does all involved understand limitations of equipment? Ex. (GPR Penetration Depth, Accuracy of precision utility locator)
  • Do we have the proper safety equipment? Ex. (Cones, Flags, Signs)
  • Does everyone understand the safety concerns on the site?

The questions above are only a general set of questions that should be asked prior to starting a limited geophysical survey. Other concerns should be evaluated for individual sites.

Delta Geophysics Inc. will work together with our associates to help refine and update safety protocols for conducting geophysical investigations. We encourage any feedback or suggestions you may have about creating a safe working environment for us all. Thank you for taking the time to read our technical bulletin about geophysical survey safety. The safety of all our employees as well as yourself is the key to success.

This is a link to an accident investigation report about a fatality caused by an underground electrical line, and illustrates that even the smallest job can be fatal without proper utility mark-out: (http://www.nj.gov/health/surv/documents/95nj061.pdf)