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UST Detection

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The amount and complexity of underground infrastructure increases daily – often constructed with little documentation. These underground pipes, utilities and storage tanks are a significant issue for many environmental investigations and construction projects. Running into unanticipated underground structures and live utilities during a project can cost both time and money – but more importantly creates a dangerous and life threatening situation.

Delta Geophysics meets these challenges by using a combination of geophysical tools and years of site investigation experience to locate subsurface utilities on your site and assure the safety of your workers.


Activities that typically require line tracing or “mark-out” are soil probes and borings, monitoring well installation, test pitting, demolition, new construction, underground storage tank (UST) maintenance, and the replacement of archaic utilities. These activities often involve the excavation of large areas, increasing the odds of encountering live utility lines.

USTs are a unique concern and present a significant environmental liability for property owners, potential buyers, and lending institutions. Many USTs were abandoned long ago and may be unknown to the property owner. Because the current property owner is liable for all underground tanks located on a property regardless of when they were installed, it is important that potential buyers identify hidden USTs before they assume ownership.


Worker safety, optimally executed projects, cost reduction.