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Bedrock Topography/Sinkhole Investigation

Recently, Delta Geophysics Inc. personnel performed a limited geophysical investigation in a residential community which displayed evidence of sinkhole activity in a portion of the property. The approximate size of the survey area was two acres. Sinkholes are common where the rock below the land surface can naturally be dissolved…

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Beneath Concrete

Here at Delta Geophysics we feel it is an important part of our business to inform our clients about proper geophysical survey techniques and practices so that you can maximize survey results. The following is a brief discussion explaining how a geophysical survey should be conducted to identify anomalies beneath…

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Is GPR Always Reliable?

Ground Penetrating Radar (commonly called GPR) is one of the most widely used geophysical instruments today but reliance on just GPR during geophysical surveys can lead to major mistakes. GPR is a geophysical method that has been developed over the past thirty years for shallow, high-resolution, subsurface investigations of the…

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Interpretation and Processing of Geophysical Data

This Technical Bulletin highlights how field collection techniques, multiple survey methods, integrated interpretation, and data processing can clarify subsurface features under difficult conditions.  This example is a mark-out at a commercial facility to identify underground utilities, storage tanks, and other subsurface features.  The Site encompassed approximately 1.5-acres and historic data…

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Ground Penetrating Radar for Concrete Scanning

Delta Geophysics Inc. is committed to providing our clients with solutions to the critical problem of locating utilities and reinforcing bar within poured concrete slabs.  Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology is typically the methodology of choice, and has replaced X-ray imaging because of health concerns and accessibility issues.  Concrete GPR…

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Safety Evaluation

At Delta Geophysics safety of our employees as well as our associates is very important to us. We would like to take this opportunity to ask for your help in keeping our employees as well as yourself safe during geophysical surveys, and ask that you take the time to read…

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